Inspired by magical memories from her Southern milieu and travels, interior designer Susan Jamieson created Bridget Beari® Colors and Bridget Beari® Papers.

Bridget Beari Colors are 200 designer created and perfected paint colors curated into four edited palettes for your flawless selection.

Susan began creating custom paint colors for her clients over 25 years ago. Rather than search the endless sea of samples on the market, Susan already held the ideal hues in her mind’s eye. She methodically mixed and remixed until each sublime color was realized. Every Bridget Beari Colors paint has been used in Susan’s own interior design projects and loved by real people in real homes for over two decades.

Bridget Beari Papers is a growing collection of delightfully diverse wallpaper patterns drawn from the vivid imagination of the Southern artist and traveling designer.

Each pattern is pulled from Susan’s sketch book, which she reimagines in wallcovering designs from fanciful to sophisticated. Printed using the finest quality inks on deluxe grasscloth, matte, pearlescent and metallic papers, Bridget Beari® Papers coordinate directly with Bridget Beari Colors.

Bridget Beari Colors and Papers support another passion of the designer: animal care and rescue. Bridget and Beari were two very special Shar Pei pups from Susan’s beloved menagerie of rescues. All Colors and Papers are named after the pets of family, friends and clients. A portion of Bridget Beari Colors proceeds is donated to animal care and rescue organizations.