Color Advice

  1. Can I purchase sample pots in any finish?

    Sample pots are available only in eggshell, our most popular finish.

  2. Are Technical data sheets available on the paints?

    Product documents can be supplied on request by calling 804.967-3103 or email us at

  3. What finishes do you offer?

    We offer: flat, eggshell, satin, high-gloss, and semi-gloss.

  4. What is a Water Based Finish?

    Water based paint is formulated to resist moisture, staining and wear and tear.

  5. What is the best finish for a bathroom?

    Eggshell or Semi-gloss gives more protection to the walls due to the moisture created in a bathroom.

  6. What is the best finish for cabinetry and trim?

    We suggest semi-gloss for the durability and sheen.

  7. What if I have oil paint? Can I paint latex over oil?

    Preparation is important. Glossy surfaces will not take a second layer of paint well, so they need cleaning, sanding, and additional cleaning with a damp cloth or a tack cloth. Use a primer before putting down the latex paint. While advisable for many painting projects, a primer is a requirement for this one. If you have multiple layers of oil-based paint, consider scraping off the paint first.

  8. Is your paint low VOC?

    No our regular paint is not low VOC. We can order all colors in low VOC paint.

  9. Do you have floor paint?

    Yes we have floor paint. Call or email us to order this specialty paint.

  10. Do I need a primer?

    Our Paint is a 2 in 1 - primer + wall paint mix. It is always a good idea to prime over strong or dark colors especially if you are going to a lighter color. A primer is also needed if you suspect your trim of having any oil paint.

  11. What is the average coverage of one gallon?

    The average coverage is 400 sq. ft. which is equivalent to a small room like a bathroom.

  12. Do I need a base coat for the metallics?

    We definitely recommend a base coat of a similar hue if you are covering a large area. It also depends on the intensity of the color. Higher intensity then we suggest a base coat so the area is fully saturated.

  13. How many coats should I expect?

    We always recommend 2 coats but with some of the darker colors you may need three coats.

  14. Are your colors available in Fine Paint of Europe brand?

    Yes, we are lucky enough to partner with FPE as well. Any of our wall paint ( not metallics ) can be mixed in any of the FPE paints. Call Fine Paints of Europe to order.


  1. Do I use a roller or a brush?

    Use a roller for large surface areas and a brush for trim or cabinetry.

  2. Can you make your paints in spray can?

    Yes, please email or call the store for more information.

  3. How do I clean my brushes?

    Brushes can be cleaned with warm water.


  1. Do you test on animals?

    No testing is done on animals.

  2. Where do your donations go to?

    We give a portion of all sales of the paint and wallpaper to local and national animal rescue and care groups.



  1. How big is a roll?

    5 1/2 Yards ( 33 Sq. Ft )

  2. How do I measure my room?

    To estimate the amount of wallpaper you need for a room, start by measuring the length and height of each wall in feet with a tape measure. Once you've recorded the length and height of the wall, multiply them together to get your wall's surface area in square feet. Repeat this for each wall in the room.

  3. Do you have wallpaper instructions?

    Yes please email for printable pdf instructions.

  4. What are the base types?

    Grasscloth, Metallic Background Grasscloth, Silver Mylar, Gold Metallic, Pearl Canvas, Clay Coated

  5. Can these papers come in commercial type II?

     Yes any paper can be ordered in commercial papers. Call or email for more information.

  6. How do I order samples?

    Send us an email of the requested samples - 5 are free and then we charge $1.00 per sample.

  7. Where can I see these paper in real life?

            The showrooms that show our wallpapers:

                Bradley Showroom in Atlanta, New York and Chicago

                Supply Showroom in Austin TX

                Evans and Sheldon in Washington DC

                Bridget Beari Home Store in Richmond, VA

  8. Can your wallpapers be custom colored?

    Yes, please call Bridget Beari Papers at 804-321-4747 or email for more information.

  9. What paste do I use?

    We recommend premixed clear adhesive to hang all the types of wallpaper.

  10. Do I need a wall liner?

    Please consult your installer as he/she would be a better judge of the quality of your walls. However we do recommend that a wall liner be used with our Pearl Canvas papers.

  11. What is your return policy for wallpaper?

    The happiness of our customers is extremely important to us. Each and every Bridget Beari Papers order is custom printed for the individual who orders it, which means that these orders are non-refundable. If you receive a damaged order, we are always willing to work with you on replacing the order as quickly as possible.

    When receiving your order:

    • Inspect the wallpaper immediately and contact us with any issues within 30 days.

    • If the order is to be re-printed, we will provide you a shipping account to ship the original order in the original package back to us as we work to resolve the issue.

    • Once the wallpaper has been cut and/or installed, NO claims can be processed. All reports of issues must be claimed prior to cutting.

    Please feel free to contact us with questions about Bridget Beari Papers at 804-321-4747.


  1. Do you deliver paint? Is there a charge?

     Free paint delivery inside the Richmond area. Outside of Richmond please call for a quote.

  2. Where do you ship to?

    Anywhere in the US ( there are some limitation - call or email if there is a concern )

  3. Can I return paint?

    Paint can not be returned. All paint sales are final.

  4. How to I order paint and wallpaper?

    Paint and wallpaper can be ordered online via our website, email or call the store 804.967.3103

  5. Are the colors on the website true color representation?

    We have done our best to give a good representation of the colors on the website, however computers and browsers vary. Ordering Color Decks are the best example of the colors aside from actually getting a Sample Pot.

  6. Is the color on the lid a true representation?

    The paint dot on the lid is the exact color inside.

  7. Are there trade discounts for interior designers or contractors?

    Yes we love working with contractors and designers and yes there are trade discounts. Please contact the store for details.

  8. Is your online checkout process secure?

    Yes, we only use secure transaction methods.

  9. What payment method do you accept?

    Cash, Check, Visa, MC, AMEX