Order All 4 Bridget Beari Colors Fan Decks TODAY!

Only $105
plus shipping


Order your Bridget Beari fan decks TODAY!

Bridget Beari Classic Color Deck
$35 each
Features 76 colors
(see examples below)


Bridget Beari Modern Color Deck
$35 each
Features 50 colors


Bridget Beari Exotic Color Deck
$35 each
Features 48 colors


Bridget Beari Metallics Color Deck
$15 each
Features 20 colors

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Bridget Beari Colors by Fine Paints of Europe utilizes a unique tinting system completely unlike that of conventional paint. These complex formulations are designed to exhibit subtle nuances of tone that alter with changes of light and season.

Interior (Visit these links to learn more about each paint type)

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Eurolux Interior Matte
Eurlox Interior Satin
Eurolux Interior Gloss

Hollandlac Traditional Oil Paints*
Hollandlac Brilliant
Hollandlac Satin

Eco Waterborne Paints
Eco Brilliant and Satin


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FPE paint professionals are prepared to assist every aspect of your project Ė from selecting the proper coating in the perfect color, to estimating exactly how much paint you require. Orders are shipped the day they are placed and delivered promptly by UPS.


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